Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Accelerate Healing and Optimise Health




Whether you are struggling with a serious health challenge or looking for ways to optimise your health - at some point, you might hit a plateau.

Energy Crashes

Recurring Infections

Pain and Inflammation

Impaired Metabolic Health

Stress and Anxiety

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a Catalyst for Health

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) delivers oxygen at an air pressure higher than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA) inside a chamber. This pressure allows for increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissues. HBOT is like a magic switch that boosts the effects of all other interventions, such as nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle.

"HBOT works on a deep level to accelerate healing. I have witnessed it help countless clients with the most complex conditions. HBOT creates transformations that are more profound than anything we see with any other therapeutic modality." - Dr. Masha

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


HBOT delivers more oxygen to mitochondria for production of the energy molecule, ATP. That means more energy to do the things you love.


HBOT supports detoxification and activates genes that combat inflammation. That means a stronger immune defense.

Improved Metabolic Health

HBOT has beneficial effects on glucose metabolism, insulin resistance and lipid profiles.


HBOT delivers more oxygen to muscle cells and mobilizes stem cells for recovery. That means increased performance, faster recovery, and protection against injury.

Calm Mind +
Enchanced Focus

HBOT delivers more oxygen and energy to the brain. It helps to calm the nerves so you feel peaceful and present in life.

"...HBOT was a miracle machine for my entire family."

“I was living a nightmare. I had excruciating pain in my bones and joints. I had migraines, vertigo, and anxiety attacks. My menstrual cycle changed, and I developed colitis. I saw many different specialists, but all of my bloodwork came back normal. I was only 39 years old and desperate.

Then I met Dr. Masha. She invited me to try HBOT. After my first session, I walked away pain-free. It was unbelievable. I started daily sessions for a month and was hooked. Dr. Masha helped me buy an HBOT chamber, and I introduced it to my family. The most wonderful surprise was that HBOT was a miracle machine for my entire family.

HBOT got my son through allergy season with no emergency visits to the pediatrician. It improved my youngest son’s iron levels after years of struggling with anemia. It was the first year my husband wasn’t sick with sinusitis. Now my family is facing the Coronavirus with strong immune systems and an HBOT chamber in the comfort of our own home. I could not feel more grateful or blessed.”

Portable HBOT Chambers are Perfect for Home Use

Many people think that HBOT units are only available as hospital equipment for the critically ill. This is no longer true. OxyHealth is the leading producer of HBOT chamber worldwide, with over 15,000 chambers currently in use. OxyHealth produces several models, including portable HBOT units that are pressurized at a safe level for home use. They can be used by the entire family. Portable HBOT units make it easy and convenient to incorporate HBOT into your health optimisation routine.

Experience Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Home

A portable hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit allows you to access the health benefits of increased oxygen under pressure — in the comfort of your own home.

1. Relax Inside The HBOT Chamber

Lie down comfortably in the HBOT chamber for 60 - 90 minutes.

2. Saturate Cells With Oxygen

As you relax inside the pressurized chamber, oxygen saturates the cells and tissues of your body.

3. Activate Healing

Research shows that HBOT is able to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities, decrease inflammation, and improve cellular health.

Dr. Masha Explains HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Weight Loss

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Male infertility

Metabolic Health

Health Optimisation

Choosing an advanced therapy to complement your nutrition and lifestyle changes might be complicated. With all of the options out there, you simply can’t do everything. HBOT addresses healing on so many levels that it could be the ONE intervention you need to finally accelerate healing and optimise performance.

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