Private Client Virtual Consults

Private Client Virtual Consults

Personalised Naturopathic Care




You can’t always
figure out your health
on your own.

Consult with Dr. Masha to Get Lasting Results

Dr. Masha takes a naturopathic approach to health. She seeks to discover the root cause of your health concerns and supports each person in the most natural ways possible. Here’s what to expect:

Innovative Laboratory Testing

Standard lab tests don’t evaluate for subtle imbalances, deficiencies, or toxicities. To be sure that no stone is left unturned, you’ll get a thorough health assessment with advanced and innovative laboratory testing.

Personalised Nutrition

No single diet is best for everyone. Based on your health assessment and unique preferences, you’ll get a customised nutrition plan that will lay the foundation for recovering your health.

Herbal Formulas and Supplements

Medications often cover up symptoms like a band-aid. Herbal formulas, vitamins, and nutritional supplements work differently. They naturally strengthen the body to create healing that lasts.

Environment and Lifestyle Recommendations

Stress and toxic exposures are unavoidable in modern life. Simple changes in lifestyle and daily habits help keep the body cleansed so that you feel calm and energized.

Advanced Therapy Recommendations

Some situations call for more direct activation of healing. Advanced therapies, like hyperbaric oxygen therapy and infrared sauna, accelerate healing on a cellular level so that you experience more profound and dramatic improvements in health.

Results Others Have Achieved


Results Others Have Achieved

"Before starting to work with Maria, I had some problems with my digestive system. I had painful periods. But then she conducted acupuncture on me and it really improved my periods, they are practically painless and very easy. And my digestion really settled. So I am very happy, and I would highly recommend her as a fantastic guide to your health the natural way. Thank you." - Natalia

Virtual Consults are
for you if...

Virtual Consults are not for you if you are looking for a magic pill.

Here's the Process

1. Preliminary Consultation

The preliminary consultation is a 45-minute consult to determine if we are a good fit to work exclusively one-on-one together. You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before the consult and then a brief summary of naturopathic recommendations and suggested testing after the consult. The cost is 97 euros.

2. 8-Week Health Reset

The health recovery package is reserved for highly motivated individuals who are committed to making positive changes in their health. This requires a minimum 8-week commitment. The package includes frequent check-ins and modifications to be sure you continue to move toward better health.

3. Ongoing Health Optimisation

Once you complete an 8-week consultation package, you will transition to periodic consultations as needed. Together, we’ll build you a solid and sustainable foundation of health for years to come!

You don't have to figure out your health on your own. That will only leave you spinning your wheels. If you are serious about your health, book your consultation now.